Just a collection of gifs I have created myself and found on here. Enjoy! :)
I am not a Dormtainment only gif blog, there are a few on here if that's what you're looking for.
I'm really making gifs for anything I watch that I would use as a gif on my personal blog!
On that note, a bunch of you have been req'n DT Gifsets and I love watching the vids to make them so keep them coming.

Read before requesting

To help with any confusion, check out my To-Do List for gifs that I want to make and gifs that have been requested before asking for a gif. I get to gif req's as soon as I can
All in all, thank you for reblogging!

Day 3… Picture of your favorite DT member and why.

Of course I couldn’t pick just one cause really who needs to lie? I love them all! :) In keeping up with the gifset theme I had to make a quick gifset for day 3, too! 

Spring Break made me forget exactly how much I hated Wednesdays… Off to study for these tests tomorrow… seriously fuck college… just kidding I need to actually have a career… imma get to making the other Jr. Gong gifset tomorrow. Til then… have a laugh with DT :) 

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