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Damn I have been neglecting my DT Gifs… 

Easy… ‘How to date a Jamaican’ that vid is actually the most accurate parody (if that makes any sense) ever. Plus when the Mr. Lex initially came out I used to answer every question with ‘gyal yuh betta can cook,’

My favorite character is a tie between Mr. Smiley and Leaning Leon, but because I already made a Smiley Appreciation Post, here goes my Leaning Leon Post. 

Leaning Leon is genuine Jamaican in the US. I recently moved back to the States after living in JA for majority of my life. I don’t have an accent but when I switch into my patois its hilarious having my friends decipher what I said. My favorite scene is with Cam and Leon during the Best videos of 2012 skit when he asked Cam to ‘boom af mi fist’ first the confusion on Cam’s face then when he started singing Wine by Cham… I died…

Rassclaat is a bad word, and it’s hilarious as fuck hearing my friends say rassclaat mangoes and not know what they saying. That scotch bonnet pepper joke is 10000% true, my dad puts it on everything me. Me on the other hand, I can barely take the strong smell, it can seriously singe eyebrows. 

Finally figured out my software prob but I won’t start making gifs til tomorrow… so until then :) 

I’ve been waiting to do this one! Honestly, Mike is one of the reasons I obsessed over DT when I first heard about them. I don’t actually know Mike’s background but I know it has something to do with Jamaica. I think it might have been that he was born in Miami and then he lived in JA for a bit. Either way he definitely entertains the Jamaican background in me. 

Hands down my favorite Leaning Leon quote is the one line he had in the N*gga whisperer…. “I waan $3 million, 2 big batty gyal and 1 plane back to Jamaica.” I die everytime.These scenes when he interacts with the rest of the group and they can’t understand him are hilarious, just cause I go through that alot. Anyways, enough of Leaning Leon, there’ll be a post on him. 

Other things I like about Mike is the fact that he’s also really diverse. He dj’s, does stand up comedy and dances. I’ve heard a few of his mixes, my favorite being the bagjuice riddim one, of course. I like how he mixes, which is a compliment from me just because I’m tired everyone saying they gonna be a dj and can’t scratch their heads much less some records… -.-

Leaning Leon aside, I like how he incorporates Jamaica as a topic for some skits. To answer my friend, no I’ve never seen one of my jamaican friends get a girl the way he does in that skit but there is some truth to it ;) 

I really don’t know what to think about Amanuel, he’s a huge mystery to me! I love how I’ve been writing my actual thoughts on these men as opposed to just writing the basics but of course I’m going to in depth with this. 

He’s the boss man, he’s usually really official and professional when he’s addressing us, the viewers. I respect that he switches from that aspect to say a Jerome Hansen. My favorite skit with him, if you wanna call it a skit, is the best of 2010? wrap up that he and Cameron filmed. I feel like we got to see a laid back Amanuel and he was hilarious. Not to say he’s stuck up, not at all, just professional usually. If he’s not a black, country, thipper hater, or a questionable, news anchor/video journalist, show host, he’s Mr. Dormtainment, and I think that’s hot. :) 

Fun fact: Pretty sure he has a Ethiopian heritage. 

So I am still having trouble with gif software. I think I’m jsut gonna switch it out when I have the time today! but continuing with my challenge. 

I know I have day 12 and 13 to do, because Saturday’s are non-existent in Tumblr world for me when I have work at 6 am and a radio show at midnight. 

So I am having a little problem with the software I use to make gifs, but I wanted to do this anyways. 

I think what I admire the most about Cam is his dgaf-ness (dgaf=don’t give a fuck). He embraces his weirdness and he runs with it. Seriously the funniest sound I’ve ever heard is that sound he makes when he snores in that skit, close second is Tay’s laugh. I die each and every time. He’s just extremely carefree. Fun fact: He does the *Fucking with Chaz* voice. :) Another fun fact: He’s the baby of the group (I think) and his brother is the oldest!

Another thing I like about Cam is his editing skills. Seriously, I know he went to school for it but that doesn’t mean I am any less jealous. I do some editing with Sony Vegas and if I were to ever meet him I’d ask him what software he uses, because I am extremely jealous of his edits! (Enough of the nerd speak) But really I like his editing style and the ideas he comes up with to create the perfect editing-icing on a skit-cake. 

That one dance he does with Rome, usually, that’s now in the Booty in the air vid is one of my favorites. The walking one? You should know what I’m talking about. Love when he dances just cause it looks like he could be doing that professionally. Not that anyone sucks he just sticks out to me. 

Enough of my fawning over Cam, who might as well be my favorite member if I had to choose one. If I ever met him it would seriously be a series of questions that I have been thinking of for months now. 

Anyways hopefully I can get the gif made for tomorrow! :)